"If The Tigers Are In A Good Position Then I've Got A Full Head Of Hair" - Hoops

Club in crisis

"If The Tigers Are In A Good Position Then I've Got A Full Head Of Hair" - Hoops

Tigers bosses are again coming under fire following comments made by CEO Justin Pascoe that the situation regarding Aaron Woods, James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses has put the club in a good position.

"The club is in a really exciting position," Pascoe said, reports smh.com.au.

"We've had years and years of salary cap challenges. We believe we've built some really robust processes to make sure that doesn't happen in the future. [In] 2018,  there's a lot of freedom around our salary cap."

However, this statement has jarred a bit with the rugby league community, with Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper saying on Triple M Saturday NRL that it was rubbish to consider it a positive to have lost so much depth from the squadListen to the full report below.

"If they're in a good position then I've got a full head of hair," Hoops said.

"The sky has fallen in and they've just lost three local juniors.

"They signed David Nofoaluma, so that's a positive step for the club in the right direction this week, but to lose Aaron Woods their captain, James Tedesco their best player and a proud Wests local junior... really that's just rubbish that Justin Pascoe is trying to spew.

Chairperson Marina Go tweeted the following message today on the matter:

"We have the largest fan base of all the Sydney clubs, so @WestsTigers stories provide lucrative eyeballs. Read/watch quality media only," chair Marina Go tweeted.


"I admire Marina's positivity in that tweet, but again, she's deluded," Hoops said.

"The Wests Tigers at the moment are the laughing stock of the NRL. It's impossible to sugar-coat.

"It rips my heart because I'm a long time supporter of the club and a long time member, and I would love to see them back in a really strong and positive position.

"They're going to have to go through what Newcastle has gone through over the last couple of years - they're going to have to rebuild," Triple M's Wendell Sailor said.

"They're going to have to pay overs," Triple M's Ryan Girdler said.

"Who's going to sign on the dotted line for the Tigers unless they pay 20 per cent over what they're worth, and then they're going to have to make a decision like the guys that are going to the Newcastle Knights at the moment."