"It’s Not What We Are All About At The Panthers" - Trent Merrin


"It’s Not What We Are All About At The Panthers" - Trent Merrin Getty Images

Panthers forward Trent Merrin is appalled at the alleged racial slur directed at Greg Inglis from Penrith fans after their win over South Sydney on Saturday.

Merrin told Triple M Sunday NRL it's not what the Panthers are about and is something the game really needs to clean up. 

Listen in below to Merrin's insightful chat with Triple M where he also discusses what's happening at the Panthers:

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"It’s definitely not on, something we really don’t want in the game and clean up and it’s not what we are all about at the Panthers," Merrin told Triple M. 

The Panthers, Rabbitohs and NRL are currently investigating the situation. 

Gordie Tallis had this to say about the whole situation: