Ivan Cleary Has A Dig At Mitchell Moses' Integrity

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Ivan Cleary Has A Dig At Mitchell Moses' Integrity

Ivan Cleary has made a big claim regarding the Mitchell Moses saga, implying that Moses adjusted his playing style to get a release from the club quicker.

“The last time I spoke about (Moses’ situation) publicly was after the Bulldogs where I thought he played well,” Cleary said.

“I mentioned that I hadn’t seen anything to suggest in his performances or preparation that he wanted to leave. And that was the thing I was going to go by. Again, there was no benefit to our club for a release.

“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but things changed after that.

“His last two performances and general demeanour suggested he just wasn’t happy and the logical conclusion was for us to part ways and that’s what we’ve done.”

Speaking on Triple M's Grill Team, Danny Weidler said that this was quite a sledge from Cleary.

"My jaw hit the floor when he said that. First of all, Ivan isn't the sort of coach that calls on a media conference - he said it's been around ten years," Weidler said.

"He obviously feels very strongly about things that have been said about his club, his attitude.

"I only interpret that one way: he has virtually, without saying it, accused Mitchell Moses of playing a certain way to get out of the club.

"I couldn't interpret it any other way."