Jack Bird Has Flown The Nest


Jack Bird Has Flown The Nest

The Sharks' hopes of keeping their premiership side together are diminishing, with Jack Bird reportedly sold on the proposition of moving to Newcastle.

According to Triple M and the Australian's Brent Read, the Sharks are in damage control mode, and are having urgent meetings to suss out whether there's any chance of keeping Bird. Listen to the full report below.

"There is a genuine fear that they have lost the fight to keep Jack Bird at Cronulla because Newcastle have put in a significant bid for him," Ready said.

"The interesting thing is that apparently Newcastle have been in the mix for Kieran Foran as well, but they've now dropped off that, because I think they think that they've got Jack Bird over the line.

"I think we will have a decision soon.

"Ultimately I think the money is so good in Newcastle, it's too good to resist.

"From what I know, Cronulla have been able to put a decent offer on the table, but nowhere near what the Knights have.

"The rumour is that he's nudging close to a million dollars a year at Newcastle."