Jamie Soward's Candid Admission About Mental Health

Opens up

Jamie Soward's Candid Admission About Mental Health

In light of revelations regarding Greg Inglis' mental health struggles, Triple M's Jamie Soward has opened up about his own battle.

"I'm not saying this for the sake of it, I feel comfortable talking about it now," Soward said on Triple M's Dead Set LegendsListen to the full report below.

"We need to support the players as people and not just athletes.

"I've only just come out of the game and it's hard.

"We only see people for one per cent of their week - 80 minutes on TV. 

"This happened to me. I'm not whinging about it, but it was what I had to deal with and I had to seek professional help.

"I was dealing with a divorce and going through a lot of private things. It never discriminates against anyone, no matter how good you think someone else has got it. You never know what's going on in that person's life.

"It's a rollercoaster, and if you win, that roller coaster just keeps going up and up. But when you lose, it just crashes.

"I was on meds for a period.

"The medication wasn't a long stint, but it was there and if you ask my missus, she'll say that it altered my personality. There were times when I seemed like a different person."

Triple M's Bill Harrigan also weighed in on the issue, and said it was important that we are mindful of all involved in the game.

"It's one of the reasons why I steer clear of social media," Bill Harrigan said.

"You need a good support network around you.

"You talk about a rollercoaster, imagine being a ref coming off that each week. You don't win or lose."