Johnathan Thurston Has A Crack At NSW's Culture

"We’re not on the piss five days out."

Johnathan Thurston Has A Crack At NSW's Culture (Image: Getty)

Johnathan Thurston has had a crack at the culture of New South Wales, saying they don't have the trust to do the right thing before a game that Queensland does.

Thurston told Triple M on Saturday the Queensland boys have always had a strong culture.

"Our culture has been built on the built on the players that arrived before us," he said.

"We get put in the same situation as well where Kevie and Mal before him, where on our days off, they trusted us to do the right thing and basically treated us like adults," he said.

"With that trust, it’s a mutual respect between the coaching staff and the players."

He suggested the culture at New South Wales doesn't have that same level of trust.

"That’s the difference in the culture, I believe, is that when the coaching staff give you those days off, you do it in the right way and in the right manner," he told Triple M.

"Some of the boys will go and play golf, some of the boys go sit at a café or whatever, but certainly we’re not on the piss five days out from a game."