Kenty Rips In To The NRL's Handling Of The Drug Crisis

Explosive claims

Kenty Rips In To The NRL's Handling Of The Drug Crisis

Triple M's Paul Kent has tee'd off on the NRL and CEO Todd Greenberg's statements regarding the alleged cocaine incidences over the last three days, saying that the NRL is not doing everything in its power to take action.

This discussion stems from three separate allegations leveled against Sharks chairman Damian Keogh, Roosters' player Shaun Kenny-Dowall, Kiwis captain Jesse Bromwich and the Titans' Kevin Proctor regarding cocaine possession.

"Todd's very, very good in public when he talks and he leaves you a little bit like a Chinese meal - he leaves you very satisfied after you've partaken on some of his advice, but then about an hour later when you think about it a little bit, you're hungry again," Kenty said.

Todd Greenberg spoke to the press about the drug dramas, insisting that the NRL was taking appropriate action and the problems were more of an indication of the societal problems.

"(Greenberg said) 'we're no different to society' - well we are. The player are different they are highly paid, they receive massive amounts of education and they have a lot of support, which the normal guy in the street doesn't have.

"While the game does do a lot to help these guys, it's too simple of an out to answer a question with 'we're no different to society'.

"We need to start taking some action that has genuine ramifications. 

"Todd was asked several times if he would bring ASADA in to drug test these guys now. His answer was that 'we have the jurisdiction to do a lot of things and if we decide to do it, we will do it'. Well that's not actually answering the question.

"The difference between the NRL drug testing and ASADA drug testing is that if I test positive as a player under the NRL drug code right now, I will receive a suspended fine and mandatory counselling. If I go a second time, I will receive a 12 week suspension, which is what happened to Ben Barba that we saw earlier in the year.

"If you test positive to cocaine with ASADA, you'll receive at least a two-year suspension, like we saw Wendell Sailor receive. So there's a big difference, and that's why I think Todd was very clever in the way he answered 'we have the jurisdiction to do it' - but he didn't say he would.

"So if he's serious about cleaning up the game, as he also said in that interview, why wouldn't he do it? And make that statement and line in the sand.

"I don't like being lead up the garden path a bit and lead to believe actions are being taken, when the reality is that they're not."