Laurie Daley's Unconventional Blues Selection Process

A bit different

Laurie Daley's Unconventional Blues Selection Process

Image: @FOXNRL

Speaking on Triple M Sunday NRL, Triple M's Paul Kent revealed Laurie Daley's method for Blues selection. 

And it's very different to what might be assumed.

"Laurie wants to go slightly smaller this year with his forwards, and that's all you'll really get out of Laurie," Kenty said. Listen to the full report below.

"He's a bit at loggerheads with himself at the moment about selections and who to pick.

"The other thing Laurie does is he's very superstitious about selections, so he deliberately doesn't put players in positions right now.

"He doesn't put players in positions right now.

"It's not as though he's got players in positions and sits there with it written in pencil and if someone gets injured he puts them out and someone else in.

"Because he believes that will make them get injured.

"So he actually doesn't sit there and work out a team. He tries not to think about it until the time comes.

"He hasn't really put a lot of thought into it, to be honest."