Maguire Has Absolutely Lost It Over Last Night's Game


Maguire Has Absolutely Lost It Over Last Night's Game

Image: @ANZStadium

There's a chance that Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire could be hit with a $10, 000 fine after blowing up following last night's loss to the Broncos.

A myriad of dubious calls saw Souths lose by a point, with even the match-winning Anthony Milford field-goal a matter of contention.

“Well the channel 9 commentators saw it and they thought it was a knock-on," Maguire said.

“The on-field ref actually said, ‘we’ve got to have a look at that’.

“But sure enough they called it, so that’s the decision.

“I came in here looking to blow up, but to be truthfully honest I don’t think that is going to do anything anyway.

“They’ll just hunt me up for a fine or something that normally happens in this situation.

“You know, I’ve got to look after my players on the field and they are doing a good job.

“But you come up with things like that from decisions and it’s very blatant.

"Everyone else in this room - did they see that it was or it wasn't (a knock on)? Make a call because I don't want to get charged 10 grand.

"Could you explain that to all the Souths fans that continually turn up to our ground, that are passionate around our club.

"We're a building team, with young kids playing. I had Cam Murray go out there, who is a Souths junior, absolutely play a great game for us and have to sit in the changeroom and be disappointed because of things like that. Ridiculous.

Another controversial issue was a try awarded to Tautau Moga after it appeared that Milford had already been held in the tackle before setting up the try.

“I think we might start playing rugby union close to the line,” Maguire said.

“I thought when you cross the line and the arm actually touches the ground, that it is actually classed a tackle.

“But they seem to able to say play on and let’s pass the ball back and score a try.

“There are lot of things out there during the game that how do I explain that to a playing group that are working their arses off to make sure they can get the results.

“I have fans out there that live and breathe this club.

“How to I explain to them about the decisions being made?.”