Matty Johns Slams The Bulldogs

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Matty Johns Slams The Bulldogs

Triple M Grill Team’s Matty Johns has slammed the Bulldogs following their disappointing 36-0 loss to Manly on Saturday.

“My problem with the Bulldogs is this. At the start of the season I couldn’t have them in my finals,” Johns said, on the Triple M Grill Team.

“They can’t get there and it has nothing to do with Des. The fact is they haven’t got enough creativity and they haven’t got enough skill in the team.

“If you sack Des Hasler and you put another coach in will the Bulldogs improve? My thoughts are no they won’t because they haven’t got the cattle in the creative positions.

“The problem’s got to do with the players they’ve got in key positions and until that is addressed they can sack as many coaches as they want.” Listen to the full audio below.

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