MG Questions How Hayne Fits Into The Parramatta Puzzle

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MG Questions How Hayne Fits Into The Parramatta Puzzle Getty Images

Triple M Grill Team's Mark Geyer can't see Jarryd Hayne fitting into the current Eels system as reports circle Hayne wants a return to the club he once led to a Grand Final.

"How does he fit into the puzzle with Moses, Norman, Gutherson, French, Takarangi and Jennings in the centres?" MG said. 

Matty Johns then questioned who's decision it is to potentially bring Hayne back to the Eels.

"Is it Brad Arthur?" Matty said.

"When you have a look at the sort of side that Brad Arthur has assembled and they style of football they play, it doesn't really fit the Hayne style.

"Is he (Hayne) a one these days or is he a six?

"You have a look at the spine, there's Corey Norman and Mitchell Moses, lock them in.

"Bevan French, who can play fullback but could probably play wing.

"But you've got Clint Gutherson, who was one of the most outstanding players in the competition until he did his knee."

"So where does he (Hayne) play?" 

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