Michael Ennis Savages Jarryd Hayne On Triple M

Listen to the audio.

Michael Ennis Savages Jarryd Hayne On Triple M

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Michael Ennis has savaged former NSW teammate Jarryd Hayne, declaring the Gold Coast are better off without him. Listen to the audio at the bottom of the page.

The code-hopping fullback is facing increasing scrutiny about his attitude and commitment to the glitter strip franchise.

It has been revealed Hayne was dropped from the leadership group after showing up to pre-season overweight and fined by coach Neil Henry after missing a training session.

The Titans have played down the series of incidents, with Henry declaring it old news before walking out on a press conference on Tuesday while skipper Ryan James said they had been dealt with months ago.

After Hayne - who is off contract at season's end - said he was open to testing his value on the open market earlier this year, Ennis suggested the Titans were better off moving him on.

"The Titans have got a decision on their hands," Ennis told Triple M's Dead Set Legends program.

"He has already come out and said he's not committing to anything, he wants to look at all offers.

"The Titans need to make a decision because I thought the Titans were in a really good place.

"They found out who they were, they were heading in the right direction and I think since the injection of Hayne last year with that super stardom that comes with him, I think they've gone backwards." Listen to the audio at the bottom of the page.

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Hayne's signature was seen as a major coup for the club who have struggled to gain traction on and off the field since their inception.

In 2015 they were placed into voluntary administration and taken over by the NRL while Manly halfback Daly Cherry-Evans backed out of a major deal to join the club.

While Hayne's arrival was seen as a turning point, Ennis questioned whether he was worth the distractions.

"There's no doubt of his playing ability, no one's questioning that," he said.

"I don't know if any other NRL side now will want to go there (and sign Hayne).

"Because it's so hard in the modern day to build that culture, everyone pulling in the same direction. The minute you have someone there and the focus is on them, it distracts from where you want to go."

Michael Ennis Savages Hayne On Triple M

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