Nathan Brown Is Looking Pretty Good For 43


Nathan Brown Is Looking Pretty Good For 43

Image: @TheParraEels

Nathan Brown has a few seasons of NRL under his belt, but most would probably shy away from labelling him as an experienced player.

However, according to a glitch in the Rugby League Live app, ol' mate Browny is 43 years old. See below.

He barely looks a day over 24.

Brown's actual birthdate is 3 January 1993 according to the Eels' official website, with a career that's spanned the Tigers, Souths and now Parramatta.

The explanation for the bungle would most likely be that the person who entered the data accidentally input the Knights' coach Nathan Brown's info instead. After all, he's actually 43 and was born on 31 July 1973.

Image: Triple M listener Rob