Nathan Ross Dropped After Contract Drama

"I'm not asking for a million dollars"

Nathan Ross Dropped After Contract Drama

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Knights winger Nathan Ross has been dropped by the club this weekend following a contract saga that is currently unravelling.

Ross made comments about his modest salary of $150,000, and said that he'd like to have a bigger cut.

According to, six sources said that Ross was considering walking out on the Knights when his contract expires at the end of 2018, and the club wasn't very happy about this.

They told Ross this morning that he would be playing in NSW Cup side

“I’m not asking for a million dollars like all these other guys,” Ross said, reports

“I’m not even asking for half of that. I don’t operate like that. I just want what is fair, and to set my family up. 

"In November I can talk to other clubs. I hope it doesn’t get to that. I had some interest from England before I recommitted to the Knights and have some bigger clubs looking at me now.

“I am aware what signing a contract means.

“My position in the squad has changed significantly. When you get a promotion in a workplace, you generally get a raise.

“I think within the squad my stocks have risen a lot higher since I re-signed last year.

“I’m not trying to bleed the club dry. I give everything I have for the club, not just on the field but the work I do in the community. I want to be paid what I deserve.”

Coach Nathan Brown was rather reserved on the matter, but did manage to get his opinion across.

“At the moment, (Nathan) Rossy is out there training with the rest of the squad, we’ll make a decision later in the week,” Brown explained.

“With the squad training as we always do, blokes play in all different positions in both teams. 

"I would suggest Rossy didn't handle it in the correct manner but we'll move forward and we'll get over it."