"Neighbours Would Look A Bit Different"

Roy&HG on NRL taking over ch10

"Neighbours Would Look A Bit Different"

There was a bit of talk last week about the possibility that Network 10 is in a bit of strife, but Roy & HG have discussed a solution to both get the station back on track and give rugby league some more media attention.

"Former rugby league star and wealthy Sydney businessman 'Back Door' Benny Elias has called on the NRL to consider buying channel 10," HG said.

"'The Door' has suggested a hundred million dollars for channel ten, and will be holding talks with NRL executives this week to begin a feasibility study about buying the network.

"It's a very big, bold initiative from 'The Door'."

"They could easily fill 24 hours, 365 days a week. Neighbours would look a bit different, because it would be stacked with rugby league players," Roy said.

"The news could be read by Paul Gallen and we could get a different player in every day."


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