NRL And RLPA Agree On A Monster $980 Million Pay Deal

The richest pay deal in history

NRL And RLPA Agree On A Monster $980 Million Pay Deal

NRL boss Todd Greenberg has finally announced a monster $980 million pay deal between the NRL and the RLPA.

Greenberg announced the deal is the richest in the games history.


“For the first time, our players will receive a 29.5% share of forecast game revenue, as well as a share of any out-performance revenue,” Greenberg said.

"It's a deal which will establish a genuine parternship between the game and the players."

The agreement includes: 

  • A 52% increase in take-home pay for players over the next five years
  • A revised contracting and payment model that provides more certainty, clarity and protection for players
  • The average wage of a top 30 player will rise to $330,000 a year while the minimum wage will be increased to $100,000 next year and $120,000 in 2022
  • The salary cap will rise to $9.4 million next year and more than $10 million in 2022
  • A new Injury Hardship Fund will be set up to support players facing early retirement due to serious injury, replacing the Career Ending Injury Insurance scheme
  • Additional time-off during the week for personal development and more certainty around annual leave entitlements
  • An allocation of $3.75 million for the elite women’s game – with the NRL and RLPA working together on new women’s programs to enable more females to play Rugby League
  • Increased Integrity safeguards to minimise risks to the game
  • The RLPA and players to have a greater role in the running of the game