NRL Clubs Call Emergency Meeting To Decide Grant's Fate

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NRL Clubs Call Emergency Meeting To Decide Grant's Fate

NRL clubs are meeting to decide whether to press ahead with plans to oust ARL Commission chairman John Grant.

The clubs have called an emergency general meeting on Tuesday at which it was expected that they would topple Grant over his decision to pull an in-principle funding agreement.

NRL clubs and the NRL are at war over how to divvy up the $1.8 billion television deal after Grant rescinded an offer to fund clubs at 130 per cent of the salary cap from 2018.

The ARL Commission met last week but had yet to communicate to clubs a revised offer.

It was reported that the NRL had agreed to meet the clubs' demands as well as giving them two seats on the ARL Commission and that Grant would stand down in 12 months.

Should the NRL not be able to come to an agreement with the chairman's spokesman, Melbourne's Bart Campbell, the clubs will proceed with Tuesday's meeting at Rugby League Central.

Grant is believed to have the support of his seven fellow commissioners, the QRL and the two NRL-owned clubs, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

However the clubs and NSWRL have the 14 of 26 stakeholder votes required to oust Grant and enforce change.

It was reported that both Brisbane and North Queensland had reaffirmed their commitment to getting rid of Grant amid rumours they were set to backtrack on their decision.

The clubs were angered last month when Grant pulled from the table their club funding offer, prompting three club bosses to storm out of the meeting.