NRL Confirm Referee Structure Changes

Will this fix the issues?

NRL Confirm Referee Structure Changes Getty Images

The NRL has confirmed several changes to the NRL Refereeing structure that see's Tony Archer promoted with NRL Premiership winning coach Michael Maguire joining an extended team.

The game's governing body released a statement detailing the revised structure. 

The revised structure will include:

  • the appointment of Bernard Sutton to the new role of Senior Manager – Officiating; 
  • the appointment of Premiership-winning NRL Coach Michael Maguire as High Performance Coach – Officiating and Leadership Consultant; 
  • Robert Finch taking the role of Senior Manager – Education, Development and Pathways;
  • Tony Archer’s General Manager – Officiating role now covering the national structure rather than just the elite group.

Sutton will take over from Archer, overseeing the day-to-day responsibilities including the NRL Bunker.

Meanwhile former Rabbitohs coach, Maguire, has been appointed by the NRL "to bring a football perspective across officiating programs and processes," according to the press release.