NRL Players Endorse The One Referee System

"One referee is a lot better"

NRL Players Endorse The One Referee System Getty Images

Kangaroos duo Josh MaGuire and Matt Gillett have endorsed the throw-back to the one referee system for the upcoming Rugby League World Cup.

Gillett believes the two-referee system used in the NRL leads whistleblowers to be indecisive. 

"I don't mind one referee," Gillett said.

"With two referees there can be two different opinions on the field and sometimes they are indecisive I suppose.

"They can make different decisions or have different opinions on how things go.

"But one referee is a lot better."

Gillett's Club, State and International teammate MaGuire thinks the World Cup games will be much faster with one referee.

"I think the one referee will speed it up a little bit because a few things might get missed that might not in NRL level," MaGuire said.

"They should be fast games. Maybe even faster than some NRL finals - it should be interesting."

The World Cup will revert back to one-refeere, utilised the old video-referee system and could potentially see players NOT sent to the sin-bin for throwing a punch.