NRL Rejects Manly's Claim For Salary Cap Exclusion

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NRL Rejects Manly's Claim For Salary Cap Exclusion

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It has been reported that Manly has had their submission for injury exemption from the salary cap rejected.

The club was seeking to have the "Watmough provision" regarding career-ending injuries applied to the retirement of Brett Stewart, arguing that Snake's contract should be excluded from this year's salary cap due to medical retirement.

However, it has been reported by that the NRL has not found in Manly's favour, as Stewart was not found to have suffered a one-off career ending injury but was instead forced into retirement after battling knee problems for years.

The same application has been made for Steve Matai, but there is yet to be a verdict on his situation.

In 2016, Anthony Watmough was forced to retire after a collision with Beau Scott at pre-season training. The NRL accepted this application, but Watmough has had some subsequent battles with the insurer which delayed his pay-out.

Manly released a statement on Friday confirming the retirement of Matai and Stewart.