NRL Reportedly Wanted To Relocate Newcastle Knights

The Ipswich Knights..?

NRL Reportedly Wanted To Relocate Newcastle Knights

IMAGE - Newcastle Herald

The Daily Telegraph have reported that the NRL discussed moving the Newcastle Knights to Ipswich in QLD

The move has been seen as a threat, by the NRL, aimed at finding a new owner for the struggling Knights.

The Knights have been under NRL ownership since mining magnate Nathan Tinkler's downfall two years ago, with the NRL desperate to find a new owner for the club.

According to the Daily Telegraph's Phil Rothfield, the Newcastle side were actually in a real danger of being relocated if a buyer could not be found.

These latest rumours are believed to be an effort to get the Hunter-based Wests Leagues Club to purchase the Knights.

The NRL are hoping talk of a move will force Wests' hand into a bid, thus keeping the Knights in the league-mad region, according to Rothfield.

Knights legend, and Triple M Grill Team member, Matty Johns has said "They wouldn't want to do it, not in my lifetime or my grandkids"

Broadcasters and the NRL have always been keen for a fourth club in Queensland