NRL's 6 Laziest Trainers

Triple M Sunday NRL report

NRL's 6 Laziest Trainers

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This week, Jarryd Hayne has dominated headlines following claims that he's a bit of a slack trainer.

Triple M Sunday NRL has investigated and compiled a conclusive list of the six worst trainers in the history of the code. Listen to the full report below.

#1 & #2. MG

"Triple M's own MG is going to take up those first two spots," Girds said.

"When MG was playing for the Tigers and still living out at Penrith, he didn't want to go to training, so he told the coach he didn't have enough money to get through the toll.

"The toll was about $3 at the time.

"Another day that MG wasn't too keen to get to training, he decided to run up the arse of another car and have an accident on purpose so he wouldn't have to go to training." Listen to the rest of the story below.

#3. Paul Smith

"This one day he was coming back from injury and we were 24 hours out from the game," Girds said.

"One of the wingers went down at training and Gussy (Gould) had to jump in the car to find him.

"So there's Smithy at the pub, on his eighth schooner with a cigarette having a punt."

#4. Wally Lewis

"Wally Lewis reckons he used to put on weight during the season because he was that bad of a trainer," Girds said.

#5. Steve Renouf

"The guy that takes the cake has to be Steve Renouf. He did have a medical condition with diabetes and would have to inject himself before and after games," Gorden Tallis said.

"We'd be playing touch games (at training) and he was running around like a lunatic, and then as soon as it was time for fitness he'd be having a hypo.

"And he'd walk off and wink at us.

"I reckon it happened 50 times."

#6. Artie Beetson

"When Arthur was coaching (...) someone would walk past and start talking about food and he'd wrap up the session."

Honorable mentions go out to Gus Gould, Eric Grothe Sr and our own Ryan GirdlerListen to the report below.