Opinions Divided Over Calls For Publishing Player Salaries

Right or wrong?

Opinions Divided Over Calls For Publishing Player Salaries Getty Images

Opinions are divided over calls by NRL players union director Jeremy Latimore, who believes player salaries should be made public, in a bid to curb the ongoing salary cap issues plaguing the sport in recent years. 


 Latimore told APP, the NRL should follow in the footsteps of American sports in publishing players salaries. 


"If that's going to help fans, the clubs and the NRL, if people know what people are earning then so be it.," Latimore said.  

"The media speculate it anyway on the big players. 

"I know I've got no issue. People can know what I'm on - it's not much."

Triple M's Mark Geyer, agrees with Latimore believing it would allow for more transparency around the salary cap. 



However, there are also many who completely disagree, including Triple M's Anthony Maroon. 

"I think it's disgraceful, what is it my business or your business as to what everyone earns," Maroon said on The Rush Hour with MG.

 Social media was also divided over the controversial topic.