Paul Gallen On How The Sharks Have Kept The Youngsters Focused

Gallen joined Sunday NRL.

Paul Gallen On How The Sharks Have Kept The Youngsters Focused Image: Getty

Paul Gallen was a guest on Triple M’s Sunday NRL coverage and was questioned by the boys how the Sharks have managed to keep their young players from getting carried away from the success of winning the premiership last season.

Gallen elaborated the measures the Sharks senior players have taken to keep the youngsters grounded.

“I know how hard it was to win one, it took me the majority of my career," Gallen said. 

“It is something that we have addressed, as a playing group and the senior players have been really good right throughout the year particularly the last couple of weeks.

“We’ve really ramped up our team meetings and our focus as a playing group, not involving the coaches but just telling each other what we expect of each other.

“Guys like Luke Lewis, myself, Wade Graham and the senior boys have been really good in organising those meetings and telling the young fellas just how hard it is, and don’t take it for granted.

Gallen knows how hard it is to win the flag and is emphasising to his teammates to take the opportunity that presents itself to go back-to-back. 

“You get these windows of opportunity, you’ve got to make the most of them… were in a pretty good space at the moment as far as having a good roster, so and we just need to make the most of this opportunity.”