Paul Kent On His Feud With Jarryd Hayne

He spoke on Triple M this afternoon

Paul Kent On His Feud With Jarryd Hayne

On Triple M NRL this afternoon Paul Kent has cleared the air over his feud with Jarryd Hayne. 

Hayne recently said in a press conference that former coach Neil Henry was leaking information to Kent regarding Hayne instead of approaching Hayne face-to-face. 

“Probably when Paul Kent wrote that article, knowing that Paul Kent and Neil have a relationship and I thought that if that comes out from Paul, you know, I’d rather hear that from (and) Neil just tell me himself rather than have a journalist write it," Hayne said.

Kent put these allegations to bed by denying a personal relationship with Henry and wants to put and end to this feud. 

“I want to end it (the feud), look I am having no joy in all of this. I just want to say, this isn’t a personal thing with Jarryd. Jarryd is trying to portray it as a personal thing with Neil, that Neil was deliberately leaking to me to try and pressure Jarryd,” Kent said. 

“To say I’m a friend of Neil Henry just like Jarryd alleged there, that’s not right."

Kent stated that all of what he wrote about Hayne was opinion based. 

“It’s not like I have an agenda to attack Jarryd Hayne," he said. 

“(My job is) to call it as I see it essentially, and my simple premise is this… to pay $1.2m of your salary cap, which is currently I think at something like $7.6m or something. To pay that much of your salary cap in one player when he is not delivering is a waste of money.

Acknowledging that Hayne has been a superstar of the competition and has achieved a lot of thing over his career, Kent says that he is under performing for what he is being paid.

“He’s not doing what he’s paid to do at the Titans, if you’re paying $1.2m you pay that to the likes of Cameron Smith and Jonathan Thurston. And if you look at the impact that they have on their club, it extends beyond 15 minute periods in games. It goes right through the week, with the training, with the way they educate other players, with the example they set for the other players." 

"It is essentially a performance issue, and this where people just loose sight of it."