Paul Kent Responds To Jarryd Hayne's Comments Post-Match

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Paul Kent Responds To Jarryd Hayne's Comments Post-Match

Speaking with the Triple M call team post match, Jarryd Hayne took a subtle swipe at Justin Hodges, who came out during the week to criticise Hayne's training efforts. Listen to the full report below.

During his response, Hayne also mentioned Paul Kent, saying that he wasn't bothered by criticism and believed that the scoreboard spoke for itself, with the Titans posting a 38 - 8 win over the Knights.

Kenty responded this afternoon on Triple M Sunday NRL, saying that while he still believes in what he said, Hayne handled the interview well.

"I thought he handled that very well," Triple M's Paul Kent said.

"He's entitled to say that, and good luck to him.

"He's just responding to what I've said a couple of times in the media about his relationship with Neil Henry.

"What I've essentially been saying is that they don't particularly get on and it's had some problems at the club.

"Neil is one of those coaches that if someone doesn't do their job at training, the team gets's a way to shame players into pulling their weight at training.

"Jarryd's enttitled to say what he likes, but I'll say this though: where there's smoke, there's fire.

"I've never spoken to Justin Hodges about this but he's said essentially the same thing as I have.

"A few other people have spoken to me privately about it, and there's private things I know that I won't reveal.

"I'm quite comfortable with what I've said and I'm not going to back down.

"I thought Jarryd handled that interview very, very well, and he's done his best to pour a bucket of water over it all.

"And he is right - look at the score. Although it was Newcastle admittedly. But they won well."