Kenty Blows Up, Slams Wayne Bennett

Matty Johns says he doesn't bulls**t.

Kenty Blows Up, Slams Wayne Bennett

Paul Kent and Wayne Bennett Photo: Fox Sports / Getty Images

Last night on Fox League Paul Kent was fired up over Wayne Bennett’s allegation he “made up” a story about Anthony Milford's work ethic and claims the Brisbane five-eighth had alarmed veteran teammate Benji Marshall by taking short cuts at training.

Paul Kent will respond to the feud between him and Wayne Bennett on Sunday Triple M NRL from 12pm. We cannot wait for this, so buckle up.

Triple M Grill Team’s Matty Johns said it’s the biggest slur you can make to a journalist that ‘he makes things up’.

"I’ll tell you something about Kenty… he’s straight-up. He doesn’t make things up. He doesn’t bulls**t," said Matty Johns, on Triple M Grill Team.

"He doesn’t ‘sugar-coat’ things. You might not agree with it but he doesn’t make things up.” Listen to the full audio below including Kenty blowing up on Fox Sports.

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Benji Marshall and Anthony Milford Photos: Getty Images

Wayne Bennett has defended Anthony Milford's work ethic, slamming a claim that the Brisbane five-eighth had alarmed veteran teammate Benji Marshall by taking short cuts at training.

Coach Bennett said he confronted Marshall on Thursday morning after a Fox Sports claim that the veteran playmaker was concerned about Milford's lack of professionalism.

"He never made the comment. The journalist made it up," Bennett said ahead of Friday night's NRL clash with Canberra.

"It's offensive. We don't have a problem with Anthony Milford in any shape, form or manner." Listen to the full audio below.

Fox Sports NRL 360 program claimed Milford "enjoyed his off-season" and would take short cuts in the gym "if no one was looking".

The program said Marshall had complained about Milford's attitude at training.

Milford is reportedly mulling over a three-year, $2.7 million deal offer from the Broncos.

"I needed to talk to that player to make sure that comment hadn't been made," Bennett said of Marshall.

"When you are at a workplace, in-house stuff should stay there - we are no different.

"But the player assured me - and I believe the player - that he never spoke to the journalist and never gave him that information.

"But Anthony doesn't have a poor work ethic - he's not taking any short cuts."

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