Phil Gould Clears Up The Drama Surrounding The Penrith Panthers

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Phil Gould Clears Up The Drama Surrounding The Penrith Panthers

Phil 'Gus' Gould has joined Triple M's The Rush Hour with MG to clear up the swirling rumours surrounding the club. 

In a wide ranging interview, Gould touched on the Tyrone Peachey situation, the rumoured turmoil within the club especially surrounding coach Anthony Griffin and provided clarity on the process of re-signing star player maker Nathan Clearly. 

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On Tyrone Peachey ...

"Tyrone is considering quite a nice offer from the Gold Coast for 2019 and beyond," Gould said. 

"He’s still on contract with us until the end of 2019.

"We certainly couldn’t pay that money, but he deserves it and his form warrants it. And from 2020 onwards a deal like that might not be available to him, so it’d be very unfair of us to hold him for that final year of his contract.

"We have these things to consider from time to time, and I’m not sure whether he’s made a final decision on that, he’s very close to making a decision but any discussions we’ve had with Tyrone has been about 2019 and beyond.

"He doesn’t particularly want to leave the club but he understands the opportunity and the financial benefits of it."

On the rumoured turmoil at the club ...

"I won’t even dignify that with a comment," Gould told The Rush Hour with MG. 

"Journalists have a job to do and I understand that. What we try not to do is react to sensationalism in journalism.

"They take a little bit of information and embellish it because they’ve all got to have their airtime and time on the back page.

"We can’t be reacting to all that."

On Nathan Cleary ... 

"We haven’t had any discussions around contracts with Nathan Cleary at all," Gould added. 

"We had a preliminary discussion at the end of last season about when we might enter into contract talks, and if we were to enter into contract talks, what sort of term of contract a young fella like this might consider and what the club might consider.

"We never offered him a contract and he certainly never knocked back a contract.

"Nathan and I had a discussion privately before Christmas where I said ‘mate, when you’re ready to come and talk about a contract come and see me, I won’t bother you’, and he said ‘great, I just want to concentrate on my football’.

"That’s what we want him to do, we want him to enjoy his football and keep improving."


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