"Psychic" Croc Burt Makes A Shocking World Cup Prediction

Yeah ok mate!

"Psychic" Croc Burt Makes A Shocking World Cup Prediction

"Psychic" Crocodile Burt has predicted Samoa to beat Australia in their World Cup Quarter-Final showdown in Darwin. 


The Top-End Croc, earlier this year 'famously' predicted Queensland to win the State of Origin series despite punters heavily backing NSW. 

Well, Burt has done it again going against what the punters are predicting. 

Samoan assistant coach Sean Long was very happy with the result.

“It’s good to get out to see the crocs and I’m glad the croc picked Samoa,” Long told News Corp.

“Hopefully we’ll get the job done.”

However, Kangaroos assistant Trevor Gillmeister conjured up a conspiracy theory. 

“Disappointed in the croc,” Gillmeister said.

“I’d seen Long having a word with him earlier so maybe he persuaded him that way.”
Australia are at 'Winx-like' odds to beat Samoa and secure a place in the semi-finals.