Rapana Has Scored An Absolute Ripper Of A Try

You HAVE to see this!

Rapana Has Scored An Absolute Ripper Of A Try

Image: @NRL

What started as a rampaging effort from the Raiders in the first half has turned into a sublime contest, with Manly and the home side taking turns to one-up each other on the scoreboard.

With around 15 minutes on the clock, Jordan Rapana scored an absolute blinder of a try in an effort that absolutely defied gravity. Check out the footy below.

"Never say die attitude from Rapana put him in a position to pull the ball from out of the field of play and into play," Triple M's Ryan Girdler said.

"That's an absolute screamer, a match-winner and thoroughly deserved.


"How about the tries from some of these wingers?" Triple M's Paul Gallen said.

"RL has been around for over 100 years now and you never see anything like that!"

Manly were quick to even up the score again shortly after, levelling at 14 - 14.