BREAKING News On Will Hopoate

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BREAKING News On Will Hopoate

NRL star Will Hopoate has made himself available to play on Sundays, reversing his previous stance to stand down for religious reasons.

The devout Mormon has agreed to a request from his club Canterbury to turn out on Sundays, ahead of a busy State of Origin period which includes three Sunday matches for the Bulldogs.

The former Origin representative is in talks with Canterbury for next year but it’s believed being available to play Sundays will attract significant interest from other NRL clubs.

“If he makes himself available on Sundays expect the Wests Tigers to have a red hot go at him,” Triple M’s Brent Read from The Australian told Triple M Dead Set Legends earlier this month.

Hopoate admitted that in a perfect world he wouldn't play on Sundays because of his faith, but he said on Monday he would heed the wishes of his employers, beginning this Sunday against Sydney Roosters.

"We don't live in a perfect world," said Hopoate, who comes off contract this season and had an agreement with Canterbury when he joined them last season that he wouldn't have to play on Sundays.

"We're coming up with a few Sunday games beginning with this week. Coming off the back of injury and me wanting to stay at the club as well.

"They (the club) came from a business decision, and at the end of the day rugby league is a business.

"I understand that and I totally understand where the club is coming from."

Hopoate will still not train on Sundays or partake in any NRL activities other than matches.

He is also negotiating a new contract at the club, and chief executive Raelene Castle said discussions around Sunday matches were part of that.

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