Rooster Hold Talks With NRL Amid Cooper Cronk Links

Will Cronk be a Rooster?

Rooster Hold Talks With NRL Amid Cooper Cronk Links Getty Images

Triple M and Fox Sports' Paul Kent revealed on NRL 360, the Sydney Roosters have held talks with the NRL to possibly get Cooper Cronk at the club next year.

Kenty revealed the Roosters have asked the NRL for help to try and fit Cronk in the salary cap next season. 

“There’s a little bit of a whisper that the Roosters were in at NRL headquarters asking for advice on how they could get Cooper under the salary cap, and what they’d need to do and what chairs they’d need to shuffle to make that work,” Kenty told NRL 360.

“This won’t be for a notional value. This will be for a pure contract amount.

“You hear Cooper mentioned with a lot of clubs and I think there’s a lot of dominoes with (James) Maloney and (Matt) Moylan.

“Once one starts to go, I think a lot will happen quickly.

“But at the moment it’s like nobody’s quite sure where it’s going to come from.”

Despite the rumours, Cronk who recently brought a house in Sydneyhas yet to decide whether or not he will play on next year and will likely make a decision after the World Cup.