Rugby League And Soccer Combine In Plea To Government

Stadium war heats up

Rugby League And Soccer Combine In Plea To Government Getty Images

Triple M and the Australian's Brent Read is reporting that the head of the NRL, Todd Greenberg and FFA CEO David Gallop have combined in a plea to the State Government to have ANZ Stadium redeveloped first. 

According to Ready, a letter that has been sent to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian asking for ANZ to be upgraded ahead of Allianz Stadium. A copy of the letter can be read below.

According to multiple reports, Allianz Stadium has reportedly jumped the queue in the 'stadium war,' with the Moore Park-based stadium coming under scrutiny for an array of safety concerns.  

A copy of the letter can be read below: 

“We write today to express our collective support for the NSW Government’s promise to deliver a new 30,000 seat stadium at Parramatta; rebuild ANZ Stadium so that it becomes the best rectangular stadium in the country with all 70,000+ seats closer to the field; and refurbish Allianz Stadium,” the letter says.

“When the $1.6 billion stadia funding allocation was announced in April 2016, the two dominant sporting code administrations in western Sydney, the NRL (and) FFA, were unanimous in their … support for a major redevelopment of ANZ Stadium into a rectangular configuration — an endorsement matched by an unambiguous decision by the NSW Cabinet to prioritise this project.

“This commitment, which included the NRL Centres of Excellence Fund and the long-term content agreements with the NRL and FFA, still has our full support as being in the very best interests of … the people of NSW.

“The NRL’s and FFA’s content commitments are based on the understanding that the proposed investment in ANZ would see construction commence by March 2019 on the best rectangular stadium in the country with every seat closer to the action.

“This timetable would allow for construction to be complete prior to 2023, allowing the venue to be considered as a potential host for a FIFA Women’s World Cup final if FFA’s bid is successful.”