Sam Burgess Details The Most Frustrating Part About The 'Penalty-athon'

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Sam Burgess Details The Most Frustrating Part About The 'Penalty-athon'

For some, it's the most frustrating part of watching rugby league in 2018. 

The constant penalty calling from the referees has arguably been the BIGGEST talking point of the current NRL season. 

Fans, coaches, officials and the media have all vented their frustrations or have applauded the referees for what has occurred this season. 

With that being said, we asked Rabbitohs enforcer Sam Burgess on what he thought of the drama surrounding the referees. 

In an honest chat, Slammin' Sam detailed the most frustrating part of the constant penalty blowing from a players perspective. 

In the chat, Sam also discussed potentially being suspended for the next few weeks for an incident during Good Friday's game and also delivered an insightful yarn on the cricketing scandal. 


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