Sam Thaiday Doesn't Hold Back!

Vintage Sammy at Training Today

Sam Thaiday Doesn't Hold Back! Triple M

Sammy Thaiday was at his best at Broncos training and did not hold back when asked to respond to former teammate Chris Walker's calling for him to retire in his article for

"It doesn't matter, stop writing gossip columns and stick to writing footy stories, it's done and dusted" 

And it was more of the same when asked his thoughts on Greg Alexander saying JT looked like he had played "one year too long"

"He's an absolute champion player, if you wanted to tomorrow you could induct him into the hall of fame, you could make him an immortal, he's done everything in the game so just watch him bounce back"

The Broncos, Queensland & Australian forward faced a series of questions about his form but was please to have Wayne Bennett's support for the rest of the season.

"It's good to know I've got the full support of Wayne and I'm just going to go out and try to enjoy the rest of the year as much as I can...I'm just trying to do my best at the moment.....Wayne's always had my back and supported me 100% so it's not new news to me"

When asked how he thought he could improved, Thaiday delivered one of the more unique answers of the day!

"If I had a time machine I'd go back and clone myself and bring myself to the current time and it'd be a bit easier but I'm an ageing player and I'm just trying to do my best for the team at the moment" 

Thaiday was bullish when asked about being slammed for his post match comments after the loss to Newcastle when he said "Tonight wasn't about winning for us,It was about getting better than last week and I think we were a little bit better"

"It's all right, it's just his opinion" Refusing to bite when pushed on the comments.

He did go on to clarify what he meant by the comments after the game - "when we play footy every time it's about the process, it's about doing your job, winning at the end of the day is the reward that comes from those things"

In a wide ranging chat that had a bit of everything,  the 284 game veteran discussed his view on people saying the Broncos were in a form slump, how they would beat the Warriors and the possibility of recruit Jack Bird playing in the halves if Kodi Nikorima doesn't recover from a corked thigh.

"That's where he's most dangerous, we probably haven't used him up as much as we could"

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