Sam Thaiday Posts Apology For Footy Show Joke On Instagram

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Sam Thaiday Posts Apology For Footy Show Joke On Instagram

Broncos player Sam Thaiday is in the spotlight after making some comments on the NRL Footy Show earlier. See a transcript of the conversation on the show below.

Beau Ryan: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Sam Thaiday: I reckon Halle Berry was my first. That's when I went through my Jungle Fever phase- liking dark girls there for a little while. But then I figured it out, if it ain't white, it ain't right.

Thaiday has posted an apology on InstagramSee the post below.

"I am proud of my indigenous heritage," Thaiday said.

"I have two indigenous daughters of my own.

"My joke was a poor attempt at humour with poorly chosen words.

"There is no place for racism.

"I take responsibility for my actions, it is not who I am and I apologise unreservedly."


Thaiday is reportedly a representative of Deadly Choices, an Indigenous health group funded by Queensland Health. 

The group posted the following statement on their Facebook page. See the statement below.

"Deadly Choices does not support the comments made by Sam Thaiday on Thursday night's Footy Show," the post read.

"Sam's comments were not Deadly - they were unnecessary and offensive.

"We are discussing these concerns with Sam.

"Clearly Sam's comments are not consistent with his role as a Deadly Choices ambassador."