Sia Soliola Reflects On Horrific Billy Slater Tackle

"I've learned a lot"

Sia Soliola Reflects On Horrific Billy Slater Tackle Image Credit: AAP

Canberra Raiders forward Sia Soliola has admitted he learned a lot about himself, as both a person and professional athlete, after the horrific tackle which knocked Billy Slater out during the 2017 Season. 

"I've learned a lot from the whole thing. In terms of my reputation, I've actually grown a lot from that experience," Soliola told

Soliola was lucky to only be placed on report and was only handed a five-week suspension for the hit, but the former Rooster is more thankful for the response he received from Slater. 

"One of the best ways was the first-hand communication I had with Billy afterwards," he added.

"I understood how professional he is and why he receives all the praise he does.

"I can understand why he is so respected in rugby league and in the wider community because of the gracious way he treated me. It was a nice thing for me to experience.

"The next day I texted him and he texted me back saying he realised it was not in my nature.

"He wanted to make sure I was OK. To receive that response – more from a welfare perspective for me – was pretty huge."