Super League Won't Take Simona

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Super League Won't Take Simona

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It's been confirmed that the Super League bosses won't be entertaining offers for Tim Simona from clubs, with the league apparently denying registration to the troubled NRL star.

After NRL CEO Todd Greenberg all but said that Simona wouldn't be playing in the NRL again, moving overseas would be the next option for him.

"Had it confirmed today that the RFL would NOT register Tim Simona in event of any Super League club expressing interest in signing him," the Guardian's Aaron Bower tweeted. See below.

The NRL and Super League have an agreement to honour their counterpart's bans in this area of discipline, but the option of playing in rugby union abroad could still be active.

The Super League's governing body, the Rugby Football League, has allowed Todd Carney to play despite disciplinary issues in the NRL, however the code has distinguished the two cases.

"Todd was never actually banned by the NRL," a RFL source told AAP.

"He was deregistered and they (the NRL) just wanted him out but there was no actual ban put in place to prevent him playing.

"But if a player is suspended or banned by the NRL, that would carry on into Super League."