Tallis Wants Bellamy For The Titans

The Raging Bull talks

Tallis Wants Bellamy For The Titans Getty Images

Sunday Triple M's Gorden Tallis wants Craig Bellamy as the new coach for the Gold Coast Titans. 

Tallis, who is on the selection panel to choose the next Titans coach revealed if he could pick anyone for the job he would be going after the Premiership wining coach. 

"My decision is to pick the best coach and the best person for the position," Tallis said. 

"I would be going for Craig Bellamy 100%, he's the best coach in the game bar none." 

While Bellamy may be an unrealistic choice, Tallis did admit the next Titans coach must be able to take the club to the next level. 

"We need someone who can take the Titans to the next step which is consistently in the eight, playing finals footy, attracting the great players and winning Grand Finals," Tallis said.