The Big Apple Calling For The Walker Brothers

From Ipswich to New York?

The Big Apple Calling For The Walker Brothers Image Credit: SMP Images/QRL Media

Ipswich Jets coaches Ben and Shane Walker have been approached to potentially coach the prospective New York Super League franchise. 

After losing out to Garth Brennan on the Gold Coast Titans job, the Walkers told The Courier Mail, they would consider the New York job if the opportunity was right. 

“We’ll have to think about the New York approach and the prospect of coaching overseas,” Shane Walker said.

“Our manager has been sounded out by New York. I don’t know how far advanced their bid is and we also have young families, so if we moved to the States or England, there would be some things we would have to consider.

“Myself and Ben have successful businesses and there is the opportunity to move away from them, but the opportunity has to be enticing as well. I don’t think you necessarily have to go to Super League."

Although the Walkers still have their sights sets on coaching in the NRL.

“We haven’t given up hope of coaching NRL,” Shane said.

“Had we got the Titans job, I know we would have been able to do something with the squad they had, but we’ll learn from the process and keep trying to get better.

“We will continue to work hard and explore new ideas to be ahead of trends in the game.

“It’s nice to be seeing NRL teams imitate things we have been doing for seven years at Ipswich. Eventually the NRL opportunity will come with someone that sees fit to give us an opportunity.

“When they do, they will be rewarded.”