The Fallout From The Bulldogs Signing Spree Has Begun

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The Fallout From The Bulldogs Signing Spree Has Begun

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It appears that there's already a bit of fallout from the rumoured link between Kieran Foran, Aaron Woods and the Bulldogs, with some of the contracted players reportedly expected to be cut.

According to Triple M and Fox Sports' James Hooper, Moses Mbye was apparently the first to be shopped around, despite the fact that Mbye only recently signed on for a rich contract extension.

"So much talk about the Bulldogs and the fact that they're going to have to have this big player clean-out, and that it is going to involve a number of players who are still contracted," Hoops said. Listen to the full report below.

"There has been a bit of a flash point moment around this already, and that is when Moses Mbye found out he was being shopped to other clubs.

"Another rival club in the NRL actually rang up and told Moses, and when he found that out, I've been told that he actually decided that he was going to confront Des.

"So he went in and saw Des to find out what was going on.

"As it evolved I think it turned out that the Bulldogs recruitment manager Warren McDonnell may have been in touch with rival clubs.

"It's going to create some tension at the Bulldogs because Moses isn't the only player - we've heard James Graham linked to Newcastle, but it looks as though that is on hold at the moment because the Bulldogs are saying that they absolutely want to keep him.

"Players like Greg Eastwood, Sam Kasiano - they're all really on notice at the moment.

"The issue that Canterbury might find is that similar to what Des did at Manly, there's a lot of players on back-ended contracts. James Graham's contract is back-ended and I think it goes to nearly $1 million next season. Greg Eastwood's is back-ended and I think it goes to nearly $600, 000 next year."