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The Johns Lineage Set To Continue In Azzurri At The World Cup

Congratulations Jack Johns!

The Johns Lineage Set To Continue In Azzurri At The World Cup Newcastle Knights

Jack Johns is set to follow in the footsteps of his father Matty Johns and uncle the 8th immortal Andrew Johns by becoming an international rugby league player when he puts on the Azzurri at the upcoming World Cup. 

22-years after his father represented Australia at a World Cup, the talented Newcastle junior was today named in the 24-man Italian squad where he play line-up alongside NRL players James Tedesco, Daniel Alvaro, and Paul Vaughn. 

Johns qualifies for Italy through his mum Trish's Italian background, with dad Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns extremely proud of his son.

"I'd be very, very proud. He has always been his own man," Johns told The Daily Telegraph.

"The whole family is very proud, particularly the Italian side of the family.

"For them, to see him representing Italy, it's fantastic."  

Italy World Cup Squad

Daniel Alvaro, Mirco Bergamasco, Nathan Brown, Christophe Calegari, Jake Campagnolo, Terry Campese, Justin Castellaro, Geole Cellurino, Chris Centrone, Mason Cerruto, Ryan Ghietti, Oliver Gildart, Jaume Giorgis, Gavin Hiscox, Jack Johns, Richard Lepori, Josh Mantellato, Mark Minichiello, Nathan Milone, Giuseppe Pagani, Ricardo Parata, Dean Parata, Emanuelle Passera, Eduardo Pezzano, Keiran Quabba, Joel Reithmuller, Brendan Santi, James Tedesco, Joel Tramontana, Paul Vaughan, Jayden Walker, Colin Wilkie, Shannon Wakeman