The Key To A Panthers Upset Finals Win

Is Bryce Cartwright the x-factor?

The Key To A Panthers Upset Finals Win Getty Images

Bryce Cartwright is the key to a Panthers victory against the Broncos in Friday night's Elimination Semi-Final, according to Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns. 

Matty believes Cartwright's game is key to overcoming the Broncos defensive structure, of which the Penrith-junior already has form in this department. 

"12 months ago he came up against the Broncos and he destroyed them in a game at Penrith," Matty said. Listen to the full audio below. 

"They gave him time to do those explorations across the field, where Bryce doesn't exactly know what he's doing, but he's creating and causing dramas."

If Cartwright can match his performances from 12 months ago, Matty told the Grill Team, Penrith have every chance of an upset victory at Suncorp Stadium. 

"If Bryce Cartwright has a really good night out where he has a bit of that control and can still create, I think the Penrith Panthers can get home," Matty said.  

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