'The Knights Aren't Up To Reserve Grade Standard'

Andrew Johns Rips In To The Knights

'The Knights Aren't Up To Reserve Grade Standard'

Knights great Andrew Johns has blown up at the performance the club has put in this year, labelling it an embarrassment to the community.

This follows a statement from chairman Brian McGuigan that coach Nathan Brown may be under review if the results don't change for the Knights.

However, Joey stresses that the buck stops with the players, not the coach.

"They've directed it at the wrong man," Joey said.

"It should be directed to the players who are on the field. Last week they had 20,000 people turn up to watch them play the Wests Tigers who have been struggling.

"The Wests Tigers lapped them. The scoreboard didn't reflect how much better they were.

"I felt sorry for the people. It's not acceptable. But Nathan Brown is doing a good job. He's the man for the job and hopefully will lead them out of the dire straights were they are.

"The players are the ones who have to take responsibility because some of their performance last week wasn't up to local league or reserve grade standard. 

"It's not acceptable and it's embarrassing to the community."