The Last-Minute Backflip That Cost NSW The Series

Explosive claims

The Last-Minute Backflip That Cost NSW The Series

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The Daily Telegraph has reported today that Andrew Fifita wasn't happy with Laurie Daley's plan to start him from the bench for Origin III, forcing the coach to backflip on the tactical move.

And Triple M and Fox Sports' Paul Kent has blown up in response, saying that Fifita's ego got in the way of a good NSW plan.

"I think the story today about Andrew Fifita blowing up because Laurie wanted to do a tactical switch and play him off the bench was disgraceful," Kenty said.

"And I actually think that that should result in a big, red felt pen putting a line straight through Fifita's name for future Origins.

Kenty also noted how for QLD, someone like Billy Slater was snubbed for Origin I, wished the team the best of luck and came back in with a great attitude.

"Andrew Fifita gets told that he'll be starting from the bench because they want to start with David Klemmer - which is a smart tactical move. That was the right move there - start with Klemmer, bring Fifita on when the defence is slightly fatigued and he's fresh and can run and cause more damage.

"Fifita, giving into his own ego and not the team, blows up and Laurie changes his mind and says he can start.

"I think that speaks to everything that is wrong with NSW.

"It's not every player in the team, only some players in the team. But those players in the team are the cancer that needs to be cut out."

David Klemmer has confirmed the reports that he was set to start.

"Yes, I was told I was starting," Klemmer said 

"But I didn't. That is all I will say."

"Corey Oates did it as well. He got dropped and then about a week later said he was disappointed," Triple M's Gorden Tallis said.

"Don't cry over spilt milk. Take it like a man."