The Latest On The Pay Dispute

Getting close

The Latest On The Pay Dispute

The boys this afternoon on Triple M have given some insight into the ongoing pay dispute between the NRL and the RLPA.

James Hooper and Ryan Girdler are of the opinion that the deal is close to being agreed on, and outline the options that are on the table.

“The deal that the players have been offered gives them a 50% rise in salaries over the next 5 years,” said Hooper. 

However that is not the issue in the deal, the RLPA want a revenue share model.

“It’s not about the amount of money, the salary cap, the $9.4 million which has now been proposed, (it) isn’t so much about the figure, it’s about the model," he said. 

“They want a shared revenue mode."

Jimmy details what has been laid on the table and the resistance from the NRL.

“What the NRL has offered them, is they’ve said you can have nearly 30% of fixed shared revenue, but what they are saying Girds’" he said. 

"They’re saying ‘okay’ we’ve got set television deals, we’ve got set radio contracts… absolutely you can have 29%. 

“But for the stuff we don’t know, we can’t commit to that because we don’t know what it’s gonna be yet.

Hoops is of the opinion that he would agree to these terms and sort out the other details in the future. 

“For me, what I would do, if I was th RLPA is I would take this deal”

“I would take the nearly 30% of fixed share revenue, and I would say, that stuff you don’t know about… let’s just sit down with that when you do have the figures."

The boys think that agreeing to a deal could be imminent.

“I think they’re getting pretty close though Dan," said Jimmy. 

“I think that they are going to come up with a conclusion pretty quickly now that they have come up with a figure.

“The clubs are all on the same page, the NRL is on the same page.”

If this deal was agreed upon, the minimum wage of a player on a 30 player roster would be $130,000 a season.