"They’re Woeful" - MG Rips Into Samoa

MG didn't hold back

"They’re Woeful" - MG Rips Into Samoa Getty Images

Triple M Grill Team's Mark Geyer has ripped into the Samoan side for their 'woeful' World Cup performances. 

MG who is part of the Channel Seven World Cup commentary team, reflected after Samoa was eliminated by Australia in the World Cup quarter-finals. 

"Samoa just haven’t turned up. Simple as that," Geyer told Channel 7.

"There was a lot of outcry why aren’t Ireland here instead of Samoa because of the fact that they won a couple of games and almost beat Papua New Guinea.

"I tell you what, Ireland would have put up a much better fight than Samoa.

"They’re woeful ... they're woeful. 

“Australia’s in third gear. It’s a training run for them.”


Geyer echoed calls from former Test internationals Reni Maitua and Willie Mason, who were also struggling to understand how Ireland were eliminated despite winning two games. 

While Samoa's tournament has ended, Australia will now take on the winner of New Zealand and Fiji in next week's semi-final.