This Video Has Outraged Eels Fans

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This Video Has Outraged Eels Fans

Image: @FOXNRL

An incident in round 21's Eels v Broncos clash is currently doing the rounds on social media, leaving Parramatta fans fuming.

As you can see in the video below, Brisbane's Josh McGuire can be spotted stamping on Tim Mannah's ankle as he rejoins the line after making the tackle on Mannah.

It's been suggested on social media that there was some malice spurring the incident, as it is argued that McGuire goes out of his way to make the contact before shifting his weight.

Mannah's Eels teammate Michael Jennings wasn't impressed with the contact when shown the footage.

"That shouldn't be in our game. That's dirty play. You can see it's intentional ... [he's] trying to tread on his ankle. It's good that no one came out hurt out of it. But those intentions, you don't need that in our game," Jennings said.

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