Titans CEO Spills The Beans On Jarryd Hayne

Club expectations

Titans CEO Spills The Beans On Jarryd Hayne

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The Titans have spent a fair bit of time in the headlines since Jarryd Hayne inked a deal with the club last year.

CEO Grahame Annesley spoke with Triple M Sunday NRL, and said that while this last week in particular has seen Hayne come under scrutiny, it's to be expected.

"It hasn't been tough for the club, it has been time consuming," Annesley said. Listen to the full report below.

"That comes with a high profile player.

"Jarryd's a pretty misunderstood player and attracts a lot of controversy wherever he goes."

In terms of what was expected from Hayne at training, Annesley skirted around stating whether Hayne was doing enough at training, instead focusing on what he brings to on the field when it matters.

"We bought Jarryd as a marquee player.

"We had the Daly Cherry-Evans debacle a year or two ago and it was really only through that falling over that we had enough cap space to pick up some great players - Konrad Hurrell, Nathan Peats, and Jarryd Hayne.

"We picked up three really strong players because we didn't panic last year - Neil Henry could've rushed out and bought the first players to become available last year, but he was patient and took his time.

"He's inspirational on the field, and all this stuff about training becomes no conversation if he's performing on the field."