Todd Carney Opens Up On Rugby League Return

"Canberra really haunts me"

Todd Carney Opens Up On Rugby League Return Getty Images

Todd Carney believes despite all his off-field indiscretions, it's his time at the Raiders that still haunts him. 

“Everyone knows about the interest from Canberra and that was ended by the [Raiders] officials,” Carney told Fairfax Media.

“But there was interest from other clubs as well. The coaches were driving it in each case, but then it was closed off.

“I think it’s my time at Canberra which really haunts me.

"That has followed me wherever I have gone and there is nothing I can do to change that.” 

There were reports that Raiders coach Ricky Stuart flirted with the idea of bringing Carney back to the club before being shut down by the board. 

However, despite the baulking of club officials the 31-year-old is determined to play in the NRL once again. 

“I will be playing in Q Cup and the Pride are aware that I still have an ambition to force my way back into the NRL,” Carney said. 

“If the opportunity comes up they will allow me to do that.

“That was an obvious motivation to play in the local competition, rather than head back overseas and play.

"The other was that I can start making plans for my future.”